Industry of Osaka

Cost Advantages

1. Reasonable business costs

In Osaka, office rents are about 40 % lower and employment costs (average salaries) 15% lower than those in Tokyo

Business costs of osaka Osaka Tokyo
Commercial Land Price (YR2018)*1 844,800yen/m² 1,961,400yen/m²
Residential Land Price (YR2018)*1 149,200yen/m² 354,600yen/m²
Industrial Land Price (YR2018)*1 107,900yen/m² 270,300yen/m²
Office Rent (YR2019)*2 3,472yen/m² 6,394yen/m²
Warehouse Rent (YR2018)*3 1,530yen/m² 2,006yen/m²
House Rent (YR2017)*4 1,785yen/m² 2,595yen/m²
Average Salary (YR2017)*5 326,100yen/month 377,500yen/month
Comsumer Price Index (YR2017)*6 100.2 105.1
Comparative Cost of Business in Osaka and Tokyo
INVEST OSAKA, Osaka City (2019. 3)