Support Services We all need a helping hand.

There are several solutions available to help
struggling businesses meet their basic operational
requirements. They are available to help business
owners deal with reduced hours, innovate their
business model or pay their monthly rent.

Find out how you can benefit from these services.


Business Hours Reduction Subsidy

Joint Osaka City and Prefecture

For businesses, also known as “stores,” required to reduce operating hours by request of the Osaka Prefecture, you may receive the cost (60,000 yen per day x certain period) per store.

Rent Support Benefits

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

To help burdened businesses during the extended state of emergency, you may receive up to 6 million yen for corporations. Sole proprietors may receive up to 3 million yen. Note: this includes sole proprietors who have filed a final return whose primary income is classified as miscellaneous income or employment income.

Sustaining SMEs & Sole Proprietor Businesses

Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

The amount obtained by subtracting the monthly business income of the subject month multiplied by 12 from the annual business income of the business year immediately preceding the business year in which the subject month belongs, with the figure not to exceed 2 million yen

Business Reconstruction Subsidy

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Eligible small and medium enterprises can receive 1 million yen to 60 million yen. Eligable midsize enterprises can receive 1 million yen to 80 million yen.

Subsidies For Small Business Sustainability

Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A subsidy that small small-scale enterprises efforts (PR fee, IT devices etc.) to steadily develop sales channels with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It limit of 500,000 yen is available.

IT Introduction Subsidy

Service Design Engineering Council

A subsidy that SMEs and self- employed persons can use for the introduction of new IT tools.

Promotion Of Productivity Improvement In Manufacturing, Commerce And Services Subsidy

National Federation of Small Business Associations

Support for capital investment, etc., by SMEs and small enterprises for innovative service development, prototype development, and production process improvement.

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