Special Zones and Incentives

List of Incentive Policies to Attract Foreign Companies

1. Support for Reducing Costs to Set Up Businesspdf

O-BIC Support Program for Foreign Companies

2. Temporary Offices and Venture Incubation Officespdf

  1. Temporary Offices (Osaka City/JETRO)
  2. Venture Incubation Offices

3. Preferential Treatment System in Osakapdf

  1. Subsidies for Investment Promotion
    • 1) Subsidy for Foreign-affilicated Companies
    • 2) Subsidy for Investment Promotion
  2. Tax Incentives
    • 1) Industrial Concentration Preferential Taxation (Reduction of Real Estate Acquisition Tax)
    • 2) Tax Incentive System for Special Zone for Growing Industries
       (Reduction of Corporate Prefectural Residents' Tax, Corporate Enterprise Tax and Real Estate Acquisition Tax)
    • 3) Special Zones Tax System (Reduction of Corporate Citizens' Tax, Real Estate Tax, Office Tax and City Planning Tax)