Introduction to Companies in Osaka

Introduction to Companies in Osaka



Moving Forward: Voices from Foreign Companies in Osaka during Covid-19 2020.8

Mr. Chen Zhulin

OKUMA CO.,LTD. was established in Osaka in May 2014. The company has a registered capital of 220 million and currently has about 70 employees. Its annual turnover is 7 billion yen, which is growing at a rate of more than 50% every year. Our company focuses on working with high-quality Japanese products in the Chinese market, and at the same time, innovating and cultivating Japanese small and medium-sized brands to enter the Chinese market. We are the main partners of Chinese e-commerce platforms Alibaba, Koala, and Xiaohongshu etc. in Japan. Our company is also the supply platform in Japan for China's 30,000 purchasing agents in Japan. I came to Osaka to invest because I think the cultural atmosphere of Osaka is very similar to that of Hangzhou and Shenzhen in China. It is suitable for southerners like me to invest in Osaka.

Covid-19 in China broke out in February. Our company prepared 200,000 masks (including 30,000 N95 masks) and 1,000 sets of protective clothing for the first time. We immediately contributed them to Wuhan and Zhejiang. At the same time, we distributed 20,000 masks for free to residents near Shinsaibashi, Osaka in March, and donated 2,000 masks to kindergartens in Tokyo for free. In addition, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry helped us contact well-known hospitals in Osaka. We donated about 1,000 sets of N95 masks and protective clothing to them.

The company's business consists two parts, one is China's e-commerce platform. Since this part is products transported by sea and air, it is less affected.The other is the five drugstore chain stores in Shinsaibashi, which are more affected. However, in order to better serve our purchasing members, we opened the B.B.Drug Store online mall through a software development company for the first time, and moved the B.B. Drug Store from offline to online. In the meantime, our partner SF Express has opened up special plane logistics from Japan to China. We have also opened up online payment in the online mall through Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay. With the close cooperation of all links, the current business has almost recovered by 70%.

In this pandemic situation, it reflects the strong emergency response ability and efficiency of OKUMA CO., LTD. But many of our peers, many small and medium-sized Japanese brands, and even some big brands are still in deep trouble. We hope that a better bridge can be built through the Osaka government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help more brands and more small and medium-sized enterprises enter the Chinese market more efficiently, and make each enterprise have stronger vitality.

Establishment 2014
President Mr. Chen Zhulin
Business Trading & retailing