Business Start Up

Registration for Supporting Companies

Conditions for registration

We welcome registration from companies or organizations that support foreign companies who are trying to establish themselves in Japan, and are located in Osaka. Please note that we do require an email address for a contact who can respond in the language necessary to communicate with foreign companies. Registration is particularly welcome from companies/organizations offering services related to the following areas:

  1. Consultation
  2. Business Matching
  3. Company Registration / VISA
  4. Intellectual Property Right
  5. Accounting / Tax 
  6. Temporary Staffing / Recruitment
  7. Social Insurance / Employment
  8. Interpretation / Translation
  9. Offices
  10. Houses
  11. Others

Registration fee

We charge 21,000 yen fee to cover the cost of preparing and maintaining a web page on your behalf.

Benefits of registration

  1. We will post details of your company's services on a web page which can be accessed by foreign firms looking to contact companies offering desired services.
  2. We promote the O-BIC portal to the more than 1500 foreign visitors that annually visit the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, delegates attending conferences at our 36 affiliated facilities, the trade ministries of various countries, regional governments from overseas countries, international conference centres in Japan, and so on. We also actively encourage use of our portal in the regions being visited by business and economic delegations.

Applying for registration

Please apply from Application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Important information

Please be aware that we may refuse an application for registration. Please also bear in mind that contact with your company from overseas firms will be done directly. Negotiations regarding the type and cost of consulting services should be conducted between the parties concerned. Please understand that O-BIC accepts absolutely no responsibility regarding the content or fulfilment of consulting and outsourcing contracts. Companies registering for this service must sign a written pledge issued by the Osaka International Business Promotion Council.


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